Mental Fitness through Sound


Mental Fitness through Sound

LAIFE is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform to generate Artificial Intelligence Sounds and Frequencies, translated into Music, to help users flex and exercise their brains and help them enhance their performance at Work and in many other daily situations.

LAIFE uses AI to generate personalized music based on user data points to create mental fitness and alleviate mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Our unique algorithm analyzes a user's mood, preferences, and listening history to create customized Functional Music to help them relax and cope with their mental health struggles.

With our mental fitness service, users can enjoy a personalized, uplifting and soothing musical experience, which can improve their mental well-being and sleep quality.

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Science backs us in this.

According to various research around the world, Music helps people relieve mental and physical problems.​

And we've partnered with IDUN Technologies from Switzerland, which develops an EEG-capturing headphone so that we could test our Pre-Sleep Audio.

The results are exactly what was expected when we developed our Pre-Sleep Audio template.

Try this Audio in the YouTube link below:

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Ok, so this is just another playlist maker for Spotify, and then I'll listen to the songs that everybody listens and that's it?

No, LAIFE uses AI to generate personalized Music based on user data points.

So, users won't listen to Rihanna, Beyoncé or Metallica. They'll listen to newly-generated Music from our Machines, which perfectly balance Science, Medicine and Sounds.

We call it Functional Music, a mix between the Medical purpose and the Sounds, giving the user a perfect song for any use-case scenario.

On top of it, Music adapts to what you're doing seamlessly, so it adapts from what we collect from you to deliver the perfect Music.

But how does it work? How LAIFE knows that I need specific Music for any mental health problem I might face?

By acquiring data from you. We ask you access to specific data from your mobile and wearable (when you have a wearable).

Data such as:

-Ambient Noise through FFT Analysis,

-Body Mass Index (BMI),



-gyroscope (coming from mobile devices and wearables)

-time of day,


-heart rate,

-sleep analysis,

-Music preferences

-and the Circadian Rhythm.

Through that, our Machine Learning algorithm can analyze what, when and how you live your life. Based on that and straightforward questionnaires, we can assess your needs and deliver the perfect Music for any situation.

Not only that. After you listen to a session, you'll have a Yes/No question to check if that worked for you. Through that, we can collect even more data points and adapt LAIFE to what you need to enhance your experience next time.

I see. And what does it have to do with my work?

Research and World Health Organization reports show that absenteeism losses can go up to 1 Trillion dollars annually.

Yes, trillion.

As in US$,00.

And that absenteeism usually's related to mental health problems.

Our solution can help employees relieve mental health issues such as stress and anxiety, even during work.

On top of it, insomnia due to work problems is a massive part of this absenteeism issue, and we can help the workforce feel invigorated during working hours and relax at home.

Great! And where can I try it? Can I ask you to implement LAIFE at my company?

Sure! Just send us an email so we can prepare something specific for the needs of your employee well-being!

Please scroll down to the end of this site and check our contact form.


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